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Technical Analisis : Indofood Sukses Makmur : Spec BUY
2014-04-22 Tuesday 08:38:31  
Premier Insight: Consumer sector: Indonesia will soon impose definitive measure including a quota on wheat flour imports
2014-04-07 Monday 09:23:50  
Premier Insight: KKR increased 4.5% stake in AISA
2014-04-03 Thursday 09:43:54  
Premier Insight: GGRM posted FY13 revenue and net profit growth of 13.1% and 7.8%, respectively
2014-04-01 Tuesday 09:28:00  
Premier Insight: MYOR posted FY13 revenue growth of 14.3%
2014-03-28 Friday 09:34:57  
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MYOR telah merilis laporan keuangan dengan penjualan pada 2013 sebesar Rp12 triliun
2014-03-28 Friday 09:10:54  
Technical Analisis : Indofood Sukses Makmur : Sell On Strength
2014-03-28 Friday 09:01:02  
Premier Insight: INAF replaced all of its BoDs and installed a new President Director, Arief Budiman
2014-03-27 Thursday 09:08:30  
Premier Insight: Fonterra launched the construction of its factory in Cikarang, West Java
2014-03-27 Thursday 09:08:06  
Technical Analisis : Gudang Garam : Sell On Strength
2014-03-27 Thursday 08:50:55  
Premier Insight: AISA aims for 39% growth in revenue driven by higher rice mills capacity
2014-03-25 Tuesday 09:09:19  
AISA menargetkan pendapatan sebesar Rp5,5 triliun-Rp6 triliun pada tahun ini
2014-03-25 Tuesday 08:59:32  
Premier Insight: Key takeaways from Indofoods analyst meeting are as follows
2014-03-24 Monday 09:24:08  
MERK akan membagikan 80% dari perolehan laba bersih tahun lalu Rp175 miliar sebagai dividen
2014-03-21 Friday 09:03:40  
Premier Insight: TCID reported profit growth of 6.5% to Rp160bn while its sales had increased by 9.5% to Rp2.03tn
2014-03-20 Thursday 09:15:34  
Premier Insight: KAEF has raised this years capex to Rp940bn from initial plan of Rp660bn to fund its pharmaceutical salt factory
2014-03-20 Thursday 09:14:30  
KAEF meningkatkan anggaran capex menjadi Rp939,52 miliar
2014-03-20 Thursday 08:55:47  
Premier Insight: The soft drink industry association objects and urges the govt to annul the imposition of levy on carbonated beverages
2014-03-19 Wednesday 09:28:56  
Premier Insight: SIDO has redeemed its investments in Universal Venture Fund
2014-03-13 Thursday 09:32:41  
Premier Insight: KLBF will build an OTC drug factory worth Rp100-150b
2014-03-13 Thursday 09:32:06  
KAEF Berencana Bangun Pabrik Pengolahan Bahan Baku Garam Farmasi
2014-03-13 Thursday 09:29:06  
Premier Insight: SIDO posted flat revenue growth in FY13 at Rp2.37tn
2014-03-12 Wednesday 09:11:56  
Premier Insight: ULTJ sets US$120m for capex in the next three years to strengthen its dairy business
2014-03-10 Monday 08:57:16  
Premier Insight: The government is planning to allow local alcoholic beverage makers to expand their production capacities
2014-03-05 Wednesday 09:04:03  
Premier Insight: INDF is planning to issue Rp2t bond for debt settlement due this year
2014-03-05 Wednesday 09:03:08  
Premier Insight: AISA has set up a subsidiary, PT Sekar Tanjung Sejahtera
2014-03-05 Wednesday 09:02:38  
AISA mendirikan entitas anak usaha yakni PT Sekar Tanjung Sejahtera
2014-03-05 Wednesday 08:39:17  
Premier Insight: MYOR issued a clarification with regards to the fire at one of its factory
2014-03-04 Tuesday 09:27:44  
Technical Analisis : Unilever Indonesia : Sell On Strength
2014-03-03 Monday 09:21:47  
Technical Analisis : Kalbe Farma : Buy On Weakness
2014-02-26 Wednesday 09:00:48  

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